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Artist Tool     |     2021

Tired of success being determined by the critics?

Wanting to embrace the ups and downs of the creative process?

Feeling restricted by the boundaries set by the art world around you?

Ready to see your own work in a new light?

Time to breakdown the barriers experienced by yourself and others by redefining failure, embracing imperfections and altering the perspective of a perfect outcome.

WND-31Z, affectionately named Wednesday is both a plotter and an artist’s tool enabling and encouraging them to champion imperfections in their work and practice.

Wednesday comes with three modes to generate G-code (machine code) to produce plots with.

These modes are inspired by outcomes or techniques, which in other frameworks would be considered failures or the result of errors, specifically from the area of printing. A method that evolved from the need to reproduce exact, perfect, reproductions of the written word, but that now encompasses text, image and physical forms.

By reframing the characteristics of perfection, we are more able to embrace the path to perfection and redefine failure as a successful journey.

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