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The Year That Didn't Happen

3D Calendar     |     2021

A 3D 2021 calendar telling some other stories of 2020.

'The Year That Didn’t Happen’ is a social commentary of the world in 2020.

As 2020 drew to an end, many had been associating the end of the year with the “end of coronavirus” but as 2021 began, that end seemed to move further away. 

This calendar is here to shine some light on a selection of events that also happened in the world in 2020. Events, that could run the risk of being forgotten under the cloak of the one big story of the year.

Each month of 2021 is accompanied by a visual produced in relation to the captioned story, each visual is unique - its form and structure are controlled by specific figures pertaining to the month’s event (detailed in the captions).

To break away from the flatness of communication and socialisation via video call, this project uses the Anaglyph 3D effect, so that when wearing the correct 3D glasses (red/cyan) each month’s image breaks away from the 2D surface it is presented on.

The calendar required anaglyph 3D glasses to get the full experience of the shapes popping out the page.

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