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M      A R      B       L E               R U        N

Mini-Attraction    |     2021

Marble Run is a marble run - shock. Built using a mixture of modular building blocks, 3D printed modification pieces and custom designed parts Marble Run is an attraction as well as a work of art that can be installed in gallery spaces and beyond.

“I’ve spent the last year using practice as a method for research to explore ways in which I can find fun and energy in the art space and art process both for myself and the audience.”

Marble Run is a result of this research. Defined as an attraction as well as an artwork, the distributed setup results in disruptions to the usual journey visitors often take through an exhibition when installed in a gallery setting. The modular nature, and networked functions enable it to be installed in various locations where the disruptions would be more focused on interrupting an everyday activity – intervening these activities by featuring art in unused or unexpected spaces.

Using networked microcontrollers Marble Run alludes to an adventurous marble travelling through the space in an impossible way. Although built out of toys there is little active play possible for the audience, which is an intentional restriction made to free them of potentially complex interactions that can result in distraction or reluctance to engage with a work.

Wi-Fi enabled ESP32 DevKit WROOM 32 boards meant that I could distribute my marble run around the exhibition space. This also means that anywhere within reach of a Wi-Fi connection and a power source could become the home to part of this marble run.

Future development

I would love to take this project further afield, distributing the marble runs further apart, and/or outside artistic institutions. Although this iteration of the project was located within an art exhibition alongside other works of art, the design and development of Marble Run was deliberately undertaken in such a way that it can hold as an attraction outside the boundaries of an art space and fulfil the purpose of blending art with the everyday and with play.

I have many ideas on what methods should be explored to expand this project. If you would like to get involved or to hear more about the latest 

M      A R      B       L E               R U        N developments please get in touch.

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