'Infinity Wear' 

Futuristic Advert, the outcome of a synthesised research project.

“An estimated £100 million worth (based on 2015 prices) or around 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year” (WRAP - Valuing our Clothes, 2015)


Infinity Wear is a futuristic garment designed for a sustainable fashion future. The idea behind the design is to counter the negative point of view presented by much of the media on the need for sustainability.


It is suggested that, for a sustainable future, we must ‘drive less’ and turn our kitchens’ into personal recycling depots. This is not to suggest that these adaptions in lifestyle do not have their place in the fight for a sustainable world. Instead, the design proposal, in the form of an advertisement, puts forwards the intention that, only with innovative and exciting design can the enthusiasm for sustainability truly be achieved. It is this mindset that Infinity Wear embodies. 


It is human nature to feel the need to express yourself and many choose fashion as a way to do so. Infinity Wear poses an alternative to ‘fast-fashion’, a fashion movement that allows for regular and relatively cheap (for consumers) updates to their wardrobes. The futuristic design wants to allow for expression and individualism without the detrimental environmental impacts particularly associated with this high consumption, fast turnover, industry. 


Benefitting the long term future of our planet should not limit our opportunities and experiences in the short term, but instead provide exciting challenges and design opportunities that will equip us for a future-minded lifestyle.


Inspired by Cradle-to-Cradle design, Max-Neef’s Fundamental Human Needs and Wearable Technology, Infinity Wear provides a positive alternative to ‘fast-fashion’ whilst still allowing consumers to showcase their identity through their fashion choices. 


Furthermore Infinity Wear goes further than this by allowing users to exert freedom and creative control by making it accessible for them to design and program the garment with their own designs. 


Beyond providing an idea and platform highlighting the benefits and possibilities of wearable technology, Infinity Wear is an example of an exciting future-minded design.