Eleanor Edwards. Visual Designer.


As a visual designer I work with many different softwares to achieve differing results. I find this rewarding and enjoy experimenting using the tools available in unique ways. I also apply this methodology to my use of hardware, for example using a phone camera or a photocopier as a method for gathering resource material or abstraction.


The physical output of my productions is equally important to my practice, and something I take great pride in, whether that is at a Live Music Event or an Artistic Installation. Projection and Video Mapping are forms of output I am particularly fascinated by.


Although Audio is not an area of my expertise I understand the importance and impact of collaboration between audio and visual as sensory elements. I enjoy any opportunity to work with audio specialists or artists. 


I have recently began researching and delving deeper than the software available to artists and designs by major programming companies by exploring computer programming and patching, specifically using the Processing language and Cycling ’74’s MAX, with a particular interests with interactive design. 

Eleanor Edwards Headshot. Photographer Isabelle Biggs.

Photo: Isabelle Biggs