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"Hi 👋, Eleanor here.
I'm not going to write in the third person about myself, that's not really my vibe, so I'll just say...
Thanks for stopping by to visit. This is my portfolio website showing off some of the things I get up to, either by day as a creative technologist or a by night ​
as a computational artist. 

Feel free to look around or view my highlights.

If you're not as much of a fan of colour as I am you're welcome to browse in monochrome.


Marble Run is a marble run - shock. Built using a mixture of modular building blocks, 3D printed modification pieces and custom designed parts. Along with, micro-controllers, sensors and actuators that bring the run to life. This is an attraction as well as a work of art that can be installed in gallery spaces and beyond. Built during my MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University as my Final Major Project. M A R B L E R U N was a project that had play at its core. Reacting to the sometimes hostile nature of a gallery setting and the pitfall some interactive works fall into - requiring laborious interactions from their audience. M A R B L E R U N was kept playful and simple to increase its approachability. Using network technology I installed separate marble runs around the space, disrupting the visitor's path. I designed a marble dispensing system, triggered when a marble is detected at the end of the previous run, releasing a marble into the next. This created an element of magic, as the audience wondered how and where the marbles came from and where they went. People were able to engage by playing with the run, by simply adding a marble to the beginning or by curiously wandering the paths of the run and the space between to try and discover the secret to the magic. Tags: #PhysicalComputing, #Play, #Electronics, #MicroControllers, #ESP32, #Arduino, #NEMA17, #Servo, #Lasers, #Sensors, #Actuators, #Audience.

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